Is it possible for an artist (visual arts) to reach the pinnacle of his career between the age of 72 to 92? A rhetoric question?
Maybe so.
The artist, Alfred Eikelenboom, alive and kicking at 72, and very much aware of his potential to realize a period of synthesis after many, many years of analysis.
His works can be seen in only three museums so far in the Netherlands and also some important sculptures in public space also to be seen in the Netherlands.
His oeuvre, was rewarded with an oeuvre award in 2002.
However interesting, esthetically convincing and distinct in its content and in its quality, his lifelong endeavor should be concluded, according to his intentions with some powerful images.
His most important works until now are sculptures in public space and installations in museums.
A very daring proposal, the artist has developed over the years, is the translation of sculpture into architecture.
In due course the artist will start networking with this idea and differentiating the concept of three thinkable and makeable buildings that could be realized and built in the real world.
Cautiously optimistic, the artist is accumulating energy for his last giant leap during his late years.